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About TLC Massage LLC

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Here at TLC Massage LLC, the main focus is on your health. 

About Twyla


Twyla was inspired to become a massage therapist by her late grandmother, who was a "Traiteur". As a small child, Twyla witnessed her grandmother lay hands on many family and friends (including herself) who may have been suffering from a toothache, earache, sunburn, warts, etc. "I remember her treating me so many times. I always wanted to have soft, warm, healing hands like her. Many times I would just hold her hand because that alone would comfort me. I started my massage career because of this, I want to use my hands to heal people just like she did. It's what I'm supposed to do." -Twyla

Twyla wanted a way to honor her grandmother, so she used her initials as the name for her massage practice.

Experienced Knowledge


Twyla is a recent graduate of the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy in Lake Charles, La., where she had learning experiences from some of the greatest therapists and teachers in the industry. 

Twyla continues to learn new modalities and techniques to best serve all of her clients.